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  • The Deep End of the Pool: Leadership Kansas 2018

    by Lisa Sisley on November 15, 2018

    In October, I wrapped up a year of being in the Leadership Kansas program. And, boy, what a year it was. Here’s the thing. I’m a lifelong Kansan. Born in the south-central part of the state. Raised for part of my childhood in the southeast section. Spent the rest of it in the... Read More

  • New Boston: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

    by Lisa Sisley on January 18, 2017

    We have a team for a reason: Everyone has an area of expertise. And almost every client needs more than one professional to carry out a truly great project, no matter how big or small. Collaboration among those professionals is absolutely crucial to get powerful results. Read More

  • Question Everything!

    by Lisa Sisley on September 7, 2016

    We all ask ourselves a lot of questions every day. Is this milk still OK? Would something bad actually happen if I open that email addressed to “Dear One”? Why do so many people seem to own cars without a turn signal? And maybe you’ve even asked yourself some questions about... Read More

  • It’s the Little Things

    by Lisa Sisley on November 10, 2015

    So…it’s coming up on Thanksgiving, the quintessential American holiday. (Yes, I know our Canadian friends do Thanksgiving too, as do folks from a lot of other countries, but the WAY we do it is fairly unique, I think. With the Pilgrims and turkeys and football and stuff.) I’m... Read More

  • If You Haven’t Gone to a Pep Rally in a While…

    by Lisa Sisley on February 11, 2015

    Kristin, Susan and I went to the Fort Riley listening tour event on February 9, the purpose of which was to demonstrate to the Department of Defense powers-that-be that we here in the Flint Hills are good to our soldiers, and that it would be a very bad move to axe Fort Riley as... Read More

  • My Oh-So-Shocking Secret...Revealed!

    by Lisa Sisley on August 20, 2014

    I have an embarrassing secret. I love it when the K-State students come back to town. I really, really do. This just isn’t a sentiment we long-time Manhattanites ever ’fess up to having. It just isn’t done. Instead, we loudly complain about the hellhole that is Walmart from... Read More

  • “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise”: A Mixed Blessing

    by Lisa Sisley on March 3, 2014

    I'm starting to understand why everybody got all excited when Manhattan hit the magical 50,000-population mark a few years back. Now that this city is officially a statistical metropolitan area (SMA), and the region has a metropolitan planning organization (MPO), we are "... Read More

  • Regional Branding: Let's DO This!

    by Lisa Sisley on February 12, 2014

    Around these parts — the central Flint Hills-ish — for the last few years, regional branding and marketing has been like the weather. Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Well, to their credit, the big thinkers who planned the 2014 Leaders Retreat, a... Read More

  • Playing Well with Others. It Just Makes Sense.

    by Lisa Sisley on July 19, 2013

    I just got back from an amazing conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo. I met people there from lots of professions, from all over the country. I felt smarter just by osmosis, so time well spent, right? I was on a panel to discuss how nonprofit organizations can breathe new life into... Read More

  • Gnome Pants

    by Lisa Sisley on December 3, 2012

    Sometimes I’m asked what kind of incentive programs we have for employees. Really, we have just one: the pants. A pair of XXL Old Navy pajama pants, drawstring waist, printed with tiny gnomes all over. Gnomes have been a thing here since our early days. About six years ago, my... Read More