Principal, Owner

A ridiculously early riser who is opposed to bullies and the misuse of left lanes for lollygagging, principal and co-owner Lisa Sisley enjoys beautiful table linens, the movie Clue and food prepping on the weekends with her husband. Her colleagues appreciate her meticulous editing skills, ability to rapidly spell words backwards and oversight of big projects for clients.

Maintaining that schoolchildren should take a civics class every year, Ms. Sisley idolizes RBG (“Without her work, I might not be able to own a business.”). When not engaged in semi-friendly squabbling with Susan, she serves as the last set of eyes on all content and wonders why so many people want master bathrooms the size of a basketball court.

A fan of streaming murder mystery series (“Vera is great. She’s crotchety and weird, hence her appeal for me.”) and using the Kristinism “that horse has sailed” every chance she gets, she once met Apollo 13 hero Jim Lovell. Harboring a fascination with crows, she admires their smarts and social skills.

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Would You Rather...

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Travel the world on a shoestring budget or live luxuriously in one country? Lux in one place. My roughin' it days are behind me.

Go without search engines or go without social media? Sheesh...toughie. However, nobody has ever used a search engine to call me a name, sooo...

Ski or snowboard? Drink in the chalet, by the fire.

Be super rich or super powerful? Powerful.

Have someone narrate or sing background music for your daily life? Narrate...but quietly! Like golf announcers walking the back nine at Augusta.

Have the right answer or a comforting word? I like to think that the right answer IS comforting.

Drink only coffee or only tea? COFFEE. (What a ridiculous question.)

Have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life? Tacos.

Be pals with Elmer Fudd or Bugs Bunny? Elmer. I can do his voice. We'd have fun.