Molly Michal

A fan of veggie pad thai, sushi and goldendoodles (but not all for dinner), content marketer Molly Michal would relish the chance to make a friend out of Stanley on The Office. Agreeing that if anybody could pull that off, Ms. Michal could, her colleagues also appreciate her cohesive copy and focus on making clients shine. While a majority concur with her advocacy for puppies in the office, all day, every day, her preference for cold pizza over hot remains a controversy.

Kyle Griffith

Obsessed with his family, DND and platypuses (“An egg-laying, poisonous mammal that is also a marsupial? I’m here for it.”), video production assistant Kyle Griffith says his friends and family would describe him as “weird and outgoing,” although his colleagues much prefer “diligent, creative and completely even-tempered” (an attribute previously lacking in the office personality mix).

Nick Patterson

A sports-loving film buff with a predilection for storytelling, video producer Nick Patterson relaxes by walking the Konza Prairie and documenting family moments. Marveling at the number of fiery balls of gas filling up the universe (“There are roughly 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth. Crazy.”), he draws side-eye from some of his fizzier colleagues for his disdain of soda (“All of it is gross.”).

Maike Torrez

Graphic designer Maike Torrez hails from Germany originally, enjoys making sourdough bread and is not a fan of loud movies because all those sound effects interfere with the dialogue. When queried about her interests, likes and hobbies, her answers consistently run along the lines of "taking photos of my dogs," "drawing my dogs," "oh, and walking with my dogs.”

Ken Wells

Fascinated by the fact that there are more possible combinations of shuffled cards in a deck than atoms on Earth, web developer Ken Wells brings intense focus to every site he builds. (Reminiscent of Peter Quill’s dilemma, however, his colleagues refuse to call him “Web Lord.”) Clients appreciate his kind and collaborative attitude while benefiting from his mad coding skills.

Addie Justus

A committed Francophile who longs to walk in Marie Antoinette’s footsteps at Versailles, content marketer Addie Justus prefers rainy days, deplores fast food and loves long layovers — as long as she’s in the lounge and doesn’t have to sleep across those bucket seats airport designers favor.

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