Graphic Designer

Maike Torrez

Graphic designer Maike Torrez hails from Germany originally, enjoys making sourdough bread and is not a fan of loud movies because all those sound effects interfere with the dialogue. When queried about her interests, likes and hobbies, her answers consistently run along the lines of "taking photos of my dogs," "drawing my dogs," "oh, and walking with my dogs.”

While admiring her design sensibility, attention to detail and highly approachable nature, her colleagues are exhausted from just hearing about her ambitious “leisure-time” activities which include greenhouse and pool construction. To get some well-deserved rest from her building projects, she likes to travel and considers Hawaii to be "the most beautiful place in the world," but thinks Florida is overrated.

Able to move her pinky toe independently of the others, she finds this talent to be of absolutely no help when designing logos. A big fan of noodles, she’s not a fan of hearing other people chew them.

Would You Rather...

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Read the book or watch the movie? Watch the movie. 

Explore outer space or the ocean? The ocean. It’s more colorful!

Have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life? Sushi. 

Live in a remote mansion or a high-rise city apartment? Remote mansion, I need space for my doggies!

Be able to talk to animals or babies? Animals — no surprise there!

Have confetti drop or balloons released? Balloons! They can’t get in your eyes and don’t make a mess.

Eat a brownie or a cookie? Brownie.

Vacation in the mountains or at the beach? At the beach.

Have someone narrate or sing background music for your daily life? Sing background music. My life isn’t so complicated that it needs narration.

Adopt 10 cats or adopt 10 dogs? Dogs!