Web Developer

Fascinated by the fact that there are more possible combinations of shuffled cards in a deck than atoms on Earth, web developer Ken Wells brings intense focus to every site he builds. (Reminiscent of Peter Quill’s dilemma, however, his colleagues refuse to call him “Web Lord.”) Clients appreciate his kind and collaborative attitude while benefiting from his mad coding skills.

Bucking the New Boston canine-centric trend, he believes birds make better pets than do dogs, and he is solidly in the pro-J.J. Abrams camp. Although Mr. Wells feels a lot of fictional universes would be pretty horrible to live in, he’d opt for the Star Trek reality if he had to leave this one, since they seem to have solved the problems of poverty and inequality. He likes that about them.

Refusing to divulge the exact location of his favorite spot in the world (shhh, it’s in Maine), this dedicated dice collector also builds computers and competes in trivia tournaments in his spare time. A movie buff, he will kick it old school and visit the real-live theater multiple times when a film truly catches his imagination.

Would You Rather...

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Go without cheese or go without bread? Without bread. 

Be pals with Elmer Fudd or Bugs Bunny? Bugs, definitely. I'm not enthusiastic about hanging around deranged hunters with double-barrelled shotguns.

Live in a remote mansion or a high-rise city apartment? Remote mansion, of course. (I even know exactly where.)

Ski or snowboard? Hrm, do I want to fall over on one piece of wood or two? Or, alternately, do I want to go fast and break all my limbs or go fast and just die? 

Have to eat exclusively well-done steak or never eat red meat again? Exclusively well-done steak. 

Sing karaoke or dance? (In front of a crowd.) NO.

Have invisibility or the ability to fly? Ability to fly.

Travel the world on a shoestring budget or live luxuriously in one country? Luxury. I have been other places. I did not like them.

Have the right answer or a comforting word? Yes, yes I do.  All that I say and do is right.

Drink only coffee or only tea? What is tea?

Be super rich or super powerful? Powerful. 

Eat a sweet or savory breakfast? Sweet.