Content Marketer

Addie Justus

A committed Francophile who longs to walk in Marie Antoinette’s footsteps at Versailles, content marketer Addie Justus prefers rainy days, deplores fast food and loves long layovers — as long as she’s in the lounge and doesn’t have to sleep across those bucket seats airport designers favor.

A social media marketing maven, this well-traveled Brussels sprouts devotee doesn’t care for folks who lord it over others or knock things before they try them. In the running as the office’s top-ranking Harry Potter enthusiast, Ms. Justus often pens Instagram captions for friends and marvels that contact lenses work (“I’m amazed that it’s this little piece of plastic that I stick onto my eyeball and I see better!”).

With her regard for European history, Lizzo and gluten-free baking, she brings a wide-ranging perspective to her digital marketing efforts, and her colleagues appreciate her professional diligence and unfailingly positive attitude.

Would You Rather...

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Live in a remote mansion or a high-rise city apartment? High-rise hustle and bustle!

Have someone narrate or sing background music for your daily life? Narrator. Preferably David Attenborough.

Hang out with Lebron James or Leonardo DiCaprio? Leo.

Choose a vowel or a consonant? Vowel.

Be a famous singer or a famous actor? Actor. I have a flair for the dramatic.

Have the right answer or a comforting word? Comforting word. Which is good, because that’s usually the case.

Read the book or watch the movie? Read the book.

Travel the world on a shoestring budget or live luxuriously in one country? Luxury, baby.

Visit Disney World or attend the World Series? World Series.

Learn a new instrument or a new language? New language.

Drink only coffee or only tea? Venti almond milk latte with one pump of vanilla! …coffee.

Be too hot or too cold? Too cold.