Principal, Owner

Auspiciously beginning her marketing career by selling rocks to other kids on the school bus, principal and co-owner Susan Religa enjoys dark chocolate, thunderstorms and photography while deploring the aroma of cauliflower. Clients and colleagues marvel at her organizational abilities, snappy spreadsheets and zest for leg day at the gym.

An 80s hair-band aficionado as well as a fan of 80s movie classics (“Bueller? Bueller?”), Ms. Religa hikes, works out and cooks (not yet simultaneously, but she’s been practicing). Dirt roads, Europe and the Konza frequently call her name, leading to various and sundry adventures (and hearing tests). Claiming that peanut butter-and-tomato sandwiches are, in fact, delicious, she would immediately mandate universal afternoon naps if empowered to do so.

The victor in a hostile driving showdown with David Spade on Rodeo Drive, this former baton twirler (“Say they were FLAMING batons!”) possesses strong negotiating skills and even stonger parallel-parking game. Refusing to be shackled by the chains of authoritarianism, as a child she flouted timeout restrictions by scooting around the kitchen floor in her tiny chair, rather than remaining where her parents put her “to think about” what she did.

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Would You Rather...

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Never be stuck in traffic again or never get another cold? Never be stuck in traffic. I don’t get colds...but of course I will now.

Be a unicorn or a dragon? Dragon.

Vacation in the mountains or at the beach? Mountains.

Explore outer space or the ocean? Space. I don’t like my face in the water!

Ski or snowboard? Neither! Angry knees!

Eat a sweet or savory breakfast? Savory.

Hang out with Lebron James or Leonardo DiCaprio? Lebron.

Touch a snake or touch a tarantula? Tarantula.

Choose a vowel or a consonant? Consonant.

Go without cheese or go without bread? Go without bread.