by Susan Religa on October 13, 2016

Budget Dance

Take a step back in time with me. And be patient. There's a point.

You're a seventh grader. At the big dance. Standing in the corner in a cold sweat. A slow song starts playing. You want to ask that cute girl to dance. But you're feeling intimidated. You're afraid she'll reject you, which would be totally embarrassing. You take a deep breath and slowly walk in her direction. You make eye contact. She gives you a shy smile….

Having the money talk can feel a lot like the big middle-school dance. Discussing budgets can be uncomfortable. (Talk about breaking out in a cold sweat!) But just think about when that cute girl nods yes and you head out to the dance floor as Spandau Ballet’s “True” plays in the background. It’s pure magic.

When you sit down with New Boston to talk about your marketing needs, we're going to ask what your budget is. Take a deep breath and go for it. Because we need the honest truth. Without it, we can’t make magic.

Consider This Scenario

Client: I’d love you to create a marketing campaign to promote my widget!
NBCG: Great! We already have lots of ideas. What’s your budget so we can develop a plan that will work for you?
Client: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t really have a budget. Just get me a proposal for everything.
(NBCG gives client the proposal.)
NBCG: Here’s your proposal for everything.
Client: That doesn’t work with my budget.

You’re ready to do something. Otherwise you wouldn’t have contacted us. You’ve probably been thinking you need to ramp up your digital marketing/build a new website/refresh your logo or branding, for months now. Shoot, maybe years! We don’t want to waste your time (or ours, to be perfectly frank) with a proposal for something that’s completely unrealistic for your budget.

That doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate your budget. (Although, truth be told, sometimes we can’t.) It means when we put our creative minds to work for you, we can make sure our plan will work for you, too.

One Hundred Million Dollars!

If you don’t give us a budget, we’ll have to create our own! Like Dr. Evil, we sometimes struggle to get on the same page as our prospective clients, money-wise.

We know why you don’t want to talk numbers before we give you a proposal. You’re afraid that if you tell us how much you plan to spend on marketing, our proposal will exactly match that number, and you’d like to pay less than that. Right? And to that we say, who wouldn’t? We’re a business, we get it!

The thing is, we now have to guess what you can afford when we’re putting a proposal together. We may guess way too high, or way too low. We will also spend extra time on your proposal, trying to make a good guess.

And getting you to your goal may actually cost less than you were guessing!

We’re Deep Thinkers

Maybe you’re worried that we’ll end up going over your number, or that we won’t get to everything on your list. If you’re afraid to put a number out there, give us a range. Ranges let us give you options. We can put together tiers of services or develop a phased plan to help you prioritize marketing efforts until the next fiscal year.

Your proposal isn’t one we grab off the shelf. We don’t do cookie cutter work and we don’t develop cookie cutter proposals.

We’re creative. We love to strategize and noodle about the big picture—your big picture—and how we can help you achieve your marketing goals. Whether your goal is to increase sales by 30%, hire the finest talent, or double your social media followers, we’ll strategize a step-by-step plan and develop a custom proposal just for you that syncs up with your goals and your budget. We creatives need boundaries. And that boundary is your budget.

It’s a Time Thing

The sooner we can hit on what you’re looking for, the sooner we can get started and the sooner you’ll see results. Results make everyone happy. And we love it when our clients are happy!

So, Wanna Dance?

Bottom line. Wipe the sweat off your palms, clear your throat, head across the dance floor and be up front with us about your budget. And after the dance, maybe we can grab some punch.


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