by New Boston on March 8, 2016

Music can affect pacing, mood, and overall perception of your video as much as the editing and content can. Audio is half of the equation; don’t make it an afterthought! Consider the following for your next video:

Feel the Beats (Per Minute)

Choosing fast music in an effort to speed up boring footage is a rookie mistake. Mismatched pacing between the music track and the edits can make the piece feel like it lasts longer than it does. Pairing too-gentle music with fast edits and action-packed footage can also be jarring to the viewer.

Get in the Mood

Like the track’s speed, its mood and tone can detract from what’s being shown if it feels forced or mismatched. Pay attention to your content when using music to affect the viewer’s emotions.

Remember Your Audience

Don’t let inherent taste conflicts get in the way of a successful video. Think about who the message is really for, and what music those viewers might find appealing—or, what they might really hate. And then don’t use that.  

Track Trends

Music can be overused. For example, ukelele, glockenspiel, and clapping were prominent in explainer videos and feel-good commercials in 2014 and 2015: 

And let’s face it, we were all tired by the end of year one. Try not to copy music trends so closely that your video becomes “just another [insert trend here] video.” Play around a little to find something that fits your purpose without adhering to stereotypes. 

Unless that's what you're going for:

That being said, don’t hesitate to find examples of similar videos that really get you excited and you would like to emulate. Just try to bring in some unique elements to keep it fresh!

Play Mad Scientist

Experiment. Sometimes there will be an obviously well-suited track for your video. But when the answer is not so clear, consider popping in something unconventional and seeing where it takes you. Juxtaposition can be an effective tool, and an unexpected music choice could lead to a really stand-out finished piece.

And, of course, New Boston would love to help you with this or any part of your next video! Visit our Video Production page to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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