by Erin Rains on November 4, 2019

No matter which holidays you celebrate, the last few months of the year (and sometimes part of January!) can be busy, stressful and chaotic. But your social media videos don’t have to fall off the radar just because you’re busy! Here are three ideas for videos you can make quickly and easily to keep followers engaged.

  1. Get Visual
    During this busy time, your office or store might be hoppin’! This is a great time to show off your wares or highlight folks working hard on projects during the end-of-year crunch. It makes you look good, and if you have a retail space, it just might get people thinking about shopping in person!
  2. Get Touchy-Feely
    The winter holiday season tends to give everyone the “warm-and-fuzzies.” Tap into those emotions with some heartfelt short videos. Film yourself or your coworkers saying what you’re thankful for. Or put a twist on that and capture coworkers explaining why they’re thankful for each other! Talk about what makes the season great in your industry, or why you love what you do. Get a little personal, and encourage your followers to do the same in the comments!
  3. Get Philanthropic
    Maybe your office does a food drive this time of year, does a community work day, or asks for donations to a charity. Or maybe every November you collect socks for people who don’t have any (and the collection box is in the office lobby so that the general public can bring some in — hint, hint!). Whatever your cause, you can leverage the aforementioned warm-and-fuzzy feelings to reach your goal, and help more people in the process! Go live on social media with the details and describe how viewers can help. Everybody wins!