by Addie Justus on February 14, 2019

I’ve always been the over-the-top type when it comes to celebrating, quick to dive headfirst into any holiday, no matter how much it annoys my coworkers.

Balloons on your birthday? You betcha! Green clothing on Saint Patrick’s Day? Complete with four-leaf clover earrings. Christmas music in August? Guilty.

There’s just something special about a holiday. Even if it’s a silly one like National Golden Retriever Day or something, they put everyone in a better mood than usual. 

Except for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day might be the most divisive holiday out there. The heart-shaped candy is rushed into stores before even the last New Year’s Eve hat can be marked down to clearance. Many singles spend the day giving jealous side-eye to happy couples, and many happy couples end the day arguing about the day’s importance (or lack thereof).

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m avoiding the drama by channeling my excessive enthusiasm for holidays into love for an untraditional heartthrob…

Untraditional but strong. Timeless. Valuable.

This one’s for you.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When clients need help,
They’re counting on you.

If their business is down,
You give them a boost.
With your strong capabilities,
You’re king of the roost!

I’m in awe of your beauty,
Your plethora of skills.
(It’s just an added bonus
That you help pay the bills.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Marketing.
You deserve chocolate fondue,
But since you aren’t a person,
I’ll eat enough for two!

If you're pining for some sweet marketing, send us a valentine.