by Lisa Sisley on November 10, 2015

So…it’s coming up on Thanksgiving, the quintessential American holiday. (Yes, I know our Canadian friends do Thanksgiving too, as do folks from a lot of other countries, but the WAY we do it is fairly unique, I think. With the Pilgrims and turkeys and football and stuff.)

I’m grateful for a lot of things. All the big ones: health, family, friends…it’s all good. I have enough (too much) to eat, a roof over my head, and a regular paycheck. I’m living the dream.

I do have a tendency to take things for granted, once I get used to them. This is probably a trait most humans share—we get used to good stuff, don’t we, and then we start looking around for the next good thing. What have you done for me lately, Universe?

On the other hand, I’m also grateful for weird stuff that most people probably don’t think about much. For example, I still appreciate my washer and dryer. (Which tells you how much I hated going to laundromats way back in the day.) I cherish my purse—the arrangement of pockets is perfect. I value the fact that the driver’s seat in my car can skooch up close enough for my short legs to reach the pedals. Netflix remains an ongoing blessing. Oh, and running water. That’s a good one.

But lest I forget, I am so, so grateful for the people I work with. Clients and New Bostonians alike. Our clients are successful people with vision. My colleagues are, too. And some of the New Bostonians have a wide streak of weirdness that’s quite fun to be around. (Some clients probably do too, but that’s another story.) Our environment is energizing and powerful. Millions of people don’t have that. And I don’t take it for granted.