by Susan Religa on May 21, 2010

After returning to my desk one day when my kids were with me at the office, I found this list. It is written by my daughter Hannah, you can see her lovely signature at the bottom. It details a few unarguable reasons why New Boston is, as she most deftly put it, “awesome.” This illustration on the back accompanied it. If you have trouble reading it I have faithfully transcribed it below.

Hannah's Awesome List

15 Awesome Things About New Boston…

  1. They are so funny!
  2. They are TOTALLY AWESOME!
  3. There is candy in the building!
  4. The chairs are comfy!! :)
  5. They are organized!
  6. They have cool cards! :)
  7. They do good work!
  8. They work hard!!!
  9. Their offices are cool!
  10. They’ve won billions of Addys!!
  11. They like chocolate!! mmm…
  12. The name is cool!
  13. Some have been to Boston!
  14. They are all friends
  15. They joke around! (That’s awesome in case you’re wondering) :)

By: Hannah Religa