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Ms. Sisley has a knack for words, a love of meeting new people, and abnormally small hands. Her clients turn to her for sharp writing, strong editing, and to-the-point strategic planning.

She is enamored of surprises, as well as "LOTR" (in true geek fashion, she rereads the books yearly). She wishes Justin Timberlake were on every episode of Saturday Night Live, due wholly to her respect for his comedic prowess.

She eats lunch at 11 a.m., hates to dawdle, points in an unintentionally threatening manner when feeling impassioned, and snaps her fingers repeatedly when feeling triumphant. If she could choose only one food to eat for the rest of her days, it would be nachos. And seriously, her hands are really small.

Bonus random fact!

What She IS: 8th-place finisher in the 1977 Kansas State Spelling Bee! A gin drinker! Addicted to yoga since mid-2009! Afraid of spiders! Enthusiastic!

Rock, Paper, or Scissors: Scissors, except when running.

Preferred Smells: Apple pie, baby’s heads

Dogs or Cats: Cats. She admires (emulates?) the attitude.

Recent Project Pride: She's super-proud of the K-State Alumni Association site architecture and web design project.

What She Is NOT: Tall! Quiet! Shy! A rum drinker! Afraid of snakes! Averse to exclamation points!

Laverne or Shirley: Laverne, for her lovable wise-cracking. Scorns Shirley for her neediness.

TV Habits: Grimm, Fixer Upper, Person of Interest, Major Crimes, just about anything on Netflix with three or more seasons.