The City of Abilene hired NBCG to create a logo and custom website to promote the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, and to support its tourism efforts. With the rebrand and deliverables, we conveyed an attractive, contemporary image for the community that celebrates its people, traditions and attractions.

Logo and Public Engagement

To capture the City’s personality and values, we began the project with a deep dive into what makes Abilene, Abilene. Our goal was to surface Abilene’s unique differentiators and position it as a great 21st-century destination for travelers of all ages.

This process included a photo shoot and community tour, personal and small group interviews with business and community leaders, research on comparable communities, and more.

With a firm grasp on who the City was, we began the first round of logo development. We facilitated a community open house to hear feedback from locals, hosted round table discussions and consulted continually with the City’s leadership team until a final logo was selected. 

Abilene CVB Logo


Using the rebrand and new photos as a starting point, we created a beautiful new website with a special emphasis on creating a great experience for visitors. We conducted thorough SEO research to identify key terms and phrases. Then, working with the City’s team, we created content that incorporated key terms to ensure the site performed well with search engines. We also developed “tours” for visitors, packaging attractions together that would appeal to travelers with specific interests.

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