Perhaps you’re on a quest for a partner, team member, vendor or subcontractor that fulfills one of the following set-aside requirements on a state or federally funded project:

  • Small Business
  • DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)
  • WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) or
  • WOB/WOSB (Woman-Owned Small Business)

Look no further …. It just so happens that NBCG is certified as woman-owned by the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDOC) and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)!

Whatever your marketing, advertising or communications needs, contact us to discuss how our DBE/WBE/WOSB-certified business can be of service to your project. 

You'll get a team member that won't just check the boxes but will contribute outstanding value. We've worked on numerous projects that require a public engagement and outreach phase, and we help our primes strengthen their client relationships through our expertise and professionalism. Your project won't be our first...or even in the public/muni/government arena. 

Call or email Susan Religa, principal and co-owner, to discuss teaming possibilities or to request a copy of our dual certification as a woman-owned business from the Kansas Department of Commerce and Kansas Department of Transportation.

Our NAICS Codes are:

Our PSC Codes are:

  • 541430
  • 541511
  • 541613
  • 541810
  • 541820
  • 541830
  • 541910
  • 561410
  • T013
  • R701
  • R426
  • R708 
  • T001
  • R422

If you need help in other codes or categories, no worries. We’ll do our best to make it happen. After all, what's one more code among friends?

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