NBCG was hired in June 2019 as a subcontractor to Olsson, a regional engineering firm, to assist Leavenworth County’s Planning and Zoning staff with the creation and facilitation of a public engagement project as part of their comprehensive planning process.

Focus Groups

One aspect of the project was to set up and lead 10 focus groups for county residents on five different topics. These groups allowed citizens at-large to provide insights in person on topics such as land use, infrastructure, agriculture policy and economic development. NBCG compiled a comprehensive set of public comments from these meetings for the elected officials, county staff and planners to use during the planning process.

Public Survey

We also worked with county staff and Olsson to develop a 14-question online survey to gather public input on several topics relevant to the county’s future; an online survey allowed us to involve citizens unlikely or unable to attend an in-person focus group. The survey was promoted via traditional and social media, and more than 2,100 residents completed it. NBCG created a comprehensive report of the findings, which explored how citizens of different ages, who lived within different cities in the county, and who had lived in the county for different lengths of time answered the questions.

Leavenworth County Social Media Leavenworth County Social Media

Design Charette

NBCG presented this research to the county technical and steering committees during a three-day planning charrette, and assisted with the promotion and facilitation of two public open houses to share the plan with the community.

All final materials featured brightly colored, easy-to-read graphics.

Leavenworth County Design Charette
Leavenworth County Public Survey
Leavenworth County Public Survey