Kansas Farm Food Connection (KFFC), a group of eight agriculture advocacy organizations, hired NBCG in 2015-16 to conduct focus groups of women ages 25-55 in three Kansas communities for the purpose of determining how best to reach Kansas women and engage in a productive, ongoing dialogue about agriculture and food. 

First, we held a retreat with KFFC representatives to determine goals and ascertain current assumptions in order to test them during the focus groups.

Selecting from highly segmented target groups (age, demographics, socioeconomic status, career ladder, and so forth), we recruited and led focus groups in Garden City, Wichita and Overland Park. Participants in each community completed our questionnaire and engaged in guided discussion of relevant topics, identical in each community. 

We then tabulated our results and presented a highly detailed report of findings, recommendations, and cumulative data to KFFC, all of which served as the basis for next steps in an ongoing marketing plan, including a redesigned website, and NBCG's management of the website and its content.

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