Video Spotlight

Ms. Fiedler is fond of ice cream, screwball comedy and serenading her dogs. Clients admire her thoroughness and creativity, particularly when it comes to crafting messages. Having worked in both the Big and Little Apples and road tripping around the country multiple times, she is no stranger to navigating new places.

Always willing to explore new ideas, she once attempted to make yogurt-based tuna salad. Her husband claimed it inedible…but she ate every last bite. She is particularly bothered when auto-correct is not correct. As a child, she would ride in the cart and occasionally scream at the top of her lungs when her mother took her to the grocery store. Today, she dances in the aisles when no one is watching (or so she hopes).

In her dream world, she would be a treasure hunter. Or a recording artist who specializes in songs for pets. For now, she is famous for her topically themed Christmas cards (2013’s Breaking Bad reenactment was a smashing success).

And, she's got her Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification, to boot!

Bonus random fact!

What She IS: Tickled by all that is quirky or kitschy. Prone to get louder the longer you know her. A reader. A marvelous road trip planner. Queen of karaoke. A seashell collector. Able to make a mean pie. 

Fave Ad: Lemonade, Not Ice T makes her giggle every time she sees it

Preferred Smells: Lavender. Vanilla. Fresh, clean puppy.

Dream Vacation: The Florida Keys

Mountains or Ocean: Ocean ­— or beach, really.

Salty or Sweet: Sweet, because ICE CREAM!

Dogs or Cats: Dogs.

What She Is NOT: A history buff. Outdoors-y. Likely to be the next Iron Chef. Or the next Martha Stewart. A good singer. Partial to cats. Afraid to try new things.

Fave TV Shows: Endeavour, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Walking Dead, Key & Peele, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Parks and Recreation.

Sage Advice She’s Been Given: “Girls, if you don’t have much ‘going on,’ you have to keep it interesting up here.” — Upon complementing a friend’s mother’s necklace

Rock, Paper or Scissors: Paper, because that’s where you write. And I am a writer!

Favored Menu: Ice cream, ice cream, and…ice cream. Particularly flavors that are vanilla based and have mix-ins from the peanut butter and caramel families. Also partial to cheese.

Preferred Pastimes: Looking for shells on the beach, going through them, and taking those that don’t make the cut back to the beach (also known as a “shell reckoning”).