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Ms. Brighton is an expert brainstormer, severely allergic to pets, and wary of the beach because of her propensity to burn. Clients love her good instincts and tendency to think big, as well as her ease with sizable campaigns. She loves historical dramas, costumes, and the pairing of chocolate and Doritos.

Her Myers-Briggs profile is the rare ENTJ, indicating she would make a great world leader, or an excellent dictator. A night owl and constant thinker, she recently rebranded a local shopping center in her sleep. She owns a pair of Gone with the Wind commemorative plates, and found best-selling novel Water for Elephants to be “meh.”

As a middle schooler, she was once staring at a crush, and promptly walked into a pole. Her dream vacation does not involve Branson.

Bonus random fact!

Who Would Play Her in a Movie: Katharine Hepburn, “because she was strong and bold and liked to wear pants.”

Secret Language: Likes to say “consarnit,” her great-grandma’s pseudo curse word. Refers to the lines on the gas gauge as “nods.” Says unabashedly upbeat things like “cool beans,” “jazzy,” and “pizzazz.”

Bert or Ernie: Ernie, based on the likability factor.

What She IS: Overcommitted. Tired. "A lot." Sort of scatter-brained (in a charming way). A wannabe novelist. 

Preferred Smells: Coffee, food in her oven made by someone other than her, fresh bread, Ivory soap, unscented candles.

Rock, Paper, or Scissors: Rock. Says the idea that paper could beat rock is “bogus.”

Songs Recently Stuck in Her Head: Varies by the minute because she has a constant soundtrack to her life at all times that is often a mix of show tunes, commercials, and pop. 

Notable Quote: Founder of the ever-famous Kristinisms (unintentional mixed metaphors that miraculously work), such as, “I really want to impress the socks out of them” (a blend of “impress the hell out of them” and “knock their socks off”) and, “I hope you nail it out of the park” (a mix of “nail it” and “hit it out of the park”).

What She Is NOT: Tidy. Passive. Motherly (except to her own cubs). A detail person. Slow-talking. Afraid of costumes. Camera-shy. A fan of deep water. Likely to scuba dive (see previous). Pro merry-go-round.