As many as half of the clients we see in our clinic…er, office… at New Boston are experiencing common symptoms of WAD:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Excessive blushing
  • An irrational need to bury their faces in their hands when someone says “website”
  • Frequent need to make excuses for their website
  • Constant dismissal of their website as a place to find answers

WAD often manifests in frugal, confident self-starters who think, “I’m smart. I can build my own website,” only to suffer from self-inflicted damage as time goes by. Or, sometimes WAD occurs in compassionate people who just want to help out young friends or relatives who “builds websites” in their parents’ basements.

Someone experiencing WAD should be reassured they are not alone—millions of websites are doing absolutely nothing useful for their owners. However, New Boston can cure this condition. We advise patients…er, clients…to spend their time and energy doing what they do best, and hire us to craft their online presence. Treatment is available at many different price points.

Professional websites should look great, function cleanly, adapt to different types of devices and browsers, be useable for people with disabilities, have good search engine optimization, and follow security protocols to defend against hackers.

Website construction may not require a license, but it does require much expertise. People without proper training risk their reputation when they attempt to build their own website without the guidance of a professional.

If you think you are experiencing a GMD…

More than anything, remember: You are not alone. New Boston can help. Please contact us ASAP, and we’ll meet to confirm your diagnosis and develop a plan to get you quickly on the path to recovery.

Learn about Digital Marketing Inferiority Complex (DMIC)  

Of course, real mental illness isn’t funny. This article is a parody.