While you may not find all (OK, any) of these disorders in the DSM-V, those of us who work in the marketing world witness these conditions daily*. This article overviews three of the most common and pervasive Generalized Marketing Disorders (GMDs).

Use this guide to help you determine whether your symptoms could signify a GMD and learn about typical treatments.

  • Website Animosity Disorder (WAD)

    WAD often manifests in frugal, confident self-starters who think, “I’m smart. I can build my own website,” only to suffer from self-inflicted damage as time goes by.

  • ​Digital Marketing Inferiority Complex (DMIC)

    We see DMIC most commonly in people who don’t spend much time on social media, but receive the assignment to manage it for their company.

  • Infantile Video Psychosis (IVP)

    We commonly see IVP in young adults whose parents or grandparents put them in TV commercials when they were children (typically before adolescence).

If you think you are experiencing a GMD…

More than anything, remember: You are not alone. New Boston can help. Please contact us ASAP, and we’ll meet to confirm your diagnosis and develop a plan to get you quickly on the path to recovery.

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*Of course, real mental illness isn’t funny. This article is a parody.