Professionally designed websites with affordable monthly payments, Sprout sites are especially appropriate for those just getting started with their online presence. Easily update, maintain, and expand your web presence yourself to keep your site current, refreshed, and truly useful. With Sprout, you can start with the basics and grow over time.

Sprout sites feature our most popular website designs. The benefits include:

  • Short Development Time. Build and launch your site within 30 days.
  • Customized Design. Personalized look and feel (colors, graphics, fonts, borders, images) to complement your branding.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility. Responsive design techniques automatically rescale viewing for smartphones and tablets.
  • Control Your Site Yourself. We'll train you to make your own changes and keep your site current. No software required.
  • Secure Hosting. We’ll host your site securely without worry over ongoing maintenance or renewals.
  • Updates Included. Your site infrastructure will be kept current with the latest technologies.
  • Cancel Anytime. If at any time you wish to end your Sprout membership, just give us 30 days notice.
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Support! During the 30-day construction window, you’re free to contact our team with questions. Staff is available Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Affordable Monthly Plans. Choose the best plan for you. Switch plans any time.

Compare Sprout and Fully Custom Websites

  Sprout Fully Custom
Site ownership You own the content. You own the content and the code, and can take it anywhere.
Design Customized design within program guidelines, based on best practices and popular designs. Virtually limitless options.
Responsive design

Site will automatically rescale for use on tablets and smartphones.


Site will automatically rescale for use on tablets and smartphones.

(Optional, but recommended)
E-Commerce Limited e-commerce package can be added for additional installation and monthly fees. Appropriate for sites planning to sell fewer than 20 items; payment through PayPal. Complete flexibility to integrate e-commerce capabilities.
Hosting NBCG hosts on our server. No hosting fees. Host on NBCG’s server or any server that meets technical specifications.
Payment options Low set-up fee + monthly fee, automatically billed to a credit card. Options available. Must be paid within one year.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation, and our team will help you decide which option is the best fit for your organization.