When Manhattan realized its recreational spaces weren't keeping up with residents' needs, the city proposed a .25% sales tax to generate the funds needed for improvements. The revenue would facilitate the addition of two indoor gyms, enhancement of CiCo Park and improvements to outdoor trails. NBCG stepped in with a privately funded election campaign to maximize public awareness and support. 


First, we created a logo for use in digital and print communications materials.

The polished, professional design concept tied all materials together and showed they came from a single, trusted source.

Vote Yes Logo

Digital Campaign

NBCG designed and implemented a digital campaign, which included a website that clearly and succinctly explained the proposal and provided visitors with links to additional information.

Vote Yes Website

Pages were established on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and two or three posts or paid ads ran each week on these platforms. All digital advertising linked back to the website for additional information. NBCG staff moderated the social media pages throughout the campaign.

Vote Yes Social Media

Print Materials and Outdoor Signage 

An informational flyer, postcard, billboard and yard signs effectively increased awareness of the issue, as did a series of newspaper advertisements that ran during the last weeks of the campaign.

We're pleased to report the ballot question passed, providing much-needed support for the recreational opportunities that keep the community active and healthy. A big win for the city of Manhattan and everyone who calls it home!

Vote Yes Yard Sign