Graphic Designer

Describing herself as obsessive, introverted, strong-willed and sarcastic ("And so would my friends and family, it’s no secret.”), graphic designer Tammy Irvine is valued by her colleagues and clients for her patience, exacting standards and kindness, despite this conflict with her self-perception.

A gifted painter of birds, insects and animals, if Ms. Irvine had her druthers, we’d each have to live someone else’s life for a week to teach us a little more empathy. She and her husband can “literally never” drive to a new destination the first time without becoming lost. However, she can reliably find her way to Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area, a wetlands refuge, since it hosts thousands of migratory birds each year; presumably, she navigates by their calls.

Claiming she doesn’t binge watch anything (“I don’t know what people are talking about.”), she also has little time for reading (“Oh, god, why does everyone think everyone else reads?”). Deploring the collected works of Weird Al, she loves Japanese food, especially sushi, and when not wearing shoes, keeps her socks only halfway on her feet.

Would You Rather...

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Sing karaoke or dance? (In front of a crowd.) Dance…poorly.

Touch a snake or touch a tarantula? Taranutula. (But I’m OK with snakes, too.)

Have confetti drop or balloons released? Neither are good, but paper confetti.

Travel the world on a shoestring budget or live luxuriously in one country? Luxuriously in one country. Keep in mind, "luxury" is owning a herd of horses and a huge studio space full of creepy life science stuff.

Have to eat exclusively well-done steak or never eat red meat again? Never eat red meat again.

Hang out with Lebron James or Leonardo DiCaprio? Leo. (But neither if I had a choice.)

Attend the Oscars or the Grammys? Grammys.

Be a unicorn or a dragon? DRAGON!

Have unlimited free travel or unlimited free food? Unlimited travel.

Adopt 10 cats or adopt 10 dogs? *Grimace* Five of each.

Eat a brownie or a cookie? Cookie.