Content Marketer

A dedicated word nerd and lover of grammar and data, content marketer Alison (Ali) Rogers has a knack for finding the perfect tone in her writing, editing for clarity and being just so gosh darn respectful. Oh, and for stumbling upon four leaf clovers on the daily. (No, you can’t steal her good luck. Yes, we’ve tried.)

Claiming no peeves (pet or otherwise) aside from any decent person’s aversion to arrogance, when pressed Ms. Rogers will admit she finds the way her husband chews highly distressing and wonders how a human can make such a vexing noise. A lover of classic movies, hikes, books, crows and her dogs, she holds the unpopular (and frankly unfathomable) opinions that all fruit is gross and chocolate chip cookies are better without the chocolate. (Her colleagues ask, “What’s the point?”)

Outside of work, Ms. Rogers flexes her creativity through photography, decorating with her photography and using field guides to identify what she photographs and decorates with. Occasionally empathetic to a fault, she once required a trip to urgent care after trying to save a squirrel that had been hit by a car. While clients and coworkers rave about her kindness, high standards and time management skills, she prefers to boast about (and indulge in) her talent for sleep (“I’m so good at it!”).

Would You Rather...

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Have confetti drop or balloons released? Confetti drop.

Sing karaoke or dance? (In front of a crowd.) Neither will happen as long as I live.

Be pals with Elmer Fudd or Bugs Bunny? BUGS!

Explore outer space or the ocean? Space. Nothing will eat me up there; can't say the same for the ocean.

Learn a new instrument or a new language? Language.

Be a unicorn or a dragon? I feel like the adult Ali would say dragon with designs on roasting my enemies, but I loved unicorns so much as a child that I could never disappoint that Ali.

Go without cheese or go without bread? You really need them together, but without cheese if I HAD to pick.

Read the book or watch the movie? Read the book.

Drink only coffee or only tea? Tea.

Be able to talk to animals or babies? Animals.

Choose a vowel or a consonant? I'd like to buy a vowel, please.