Weis Fire & Safety is one of America’s leading fire equipment companies, manufacturing top-of-the-line fire rescue trucks.

Digital Marketing

To help the company improve its marketing efforts in the digital sphere, we conducted a digital discovery to identify areas for improvement, establish a baseline, and develop a plan to implement recommendations.

To enhance Weis’s online presence, we also created a new, mobile-friendly website that included:

  • An e-commerce portal where clients could log in to track their purchases
  • A photo gallery of recent deliveries
  • Reorganized content to highlight their specialty vehicle, the Draft Commander
  • Easier-to-use Drupal content management system, or CMS, so Weis staff could handle changes and additions on their own

In addition, we guided their social media marketing efforts to grow their audience, increase engagement, and send more people to their updated website.

Weis increased their social media followers from 500 to 2,400, and average organic reach grew from 100 per post to 1,800 per post.

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