The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sustainable Intensification (SIIL) at Kansas State University does some pretty amazing stuff to help farmers in developing countries maximize their ability to feed their families and communities, so we were excited to help them spread the word. We designed and helped develop a new website that lets researchers measure the impact that changes to a local food production system have on people and communities. 


We created an eye-catching and modern website for SIIL, called the SI Toolkit, and positioned it to become the perfect place for them to promote their USAID-funded projects as well as guide researchers in understanding how even small changes in food systems impact yield and human well-being. 

After completing the setup of the content management system and adding content to the homepage and landing pages to get them started, we trained SIIL to maintain the site on their own.    

SIIL Feed the Future Website

Interactive Tool

The SIIL Reporting Hub allows researchers to measure the efficacy of agricultural research projects in developing nations. Our team designed the tool’s appearance and user experience, and provided the outline and image files to its developers. 

SIIL Toolkit Interactive Tool
SIIL Systems Approach
SIIL Interactive Research Tool