Video Spotlight

Ms. Irvine is known for having mad artistic skills, a respectable collection of reference materials, and a tendency to weep at all things sentimental (from Disney movies to AT&T commercials). Clients are awed by her creativity and bold ideas, while she delights in the "Resident Evil" film franchise.

A true animal lover, she once tried to save an orphaned baby opossum found on the side of the road. This included extensive research into its eating habits, a trip to the vet for kitten milk, one homemade cotton bed, one heat lamp, and an earphone cord turned syringe that would’ve made MacGyver proud. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to save little Pinky.

When visiting the salad bar, she is physically unable to pass up button mushrooms. Not because she likes them (she doesn’t). Because “they’re cute.”

Bonus random fact!

What She Is NOT: A slacker. Hard to please. Afraid of bugs. Attracted to the spotlight. A fashionista. Able to keep her blood pressure in check when behind a left-lane driver. A sports fanatic. Willing to sacrifice comfort. A world-class dance instructor. Averse to the music of Eminem.

Favored Menu: Sushi, fried liver and onions (mom's recipe)

Dogs or Cats: Dogs. Why would you choose cats? Unless your dog picks fights with the neighborhood skunk. (There might be a back story here.)

Bert or Ernie: Bert. Ernie is too idealistic.

What She IS: A stray-animal rescuer. Always in possession of soy sauce. Easily swayed by cute and fuzzy. Half German. Half Japanese. All visual. A perfectionist. Calm under pressure. A TV marathon watcher. Able to spend countless hours watching “Chopped." A gifted watercolor painter.

Preferred Smells: Colorado mountains after the rain, fresh-cut grass

Dream Vacation: A cabin in the mountains…by myself. I love my family, but I really like to be alone.

Fave Movies: Sci-fi, action, animation — really anything where the main character is badass.

Laverne or Shirley: Laverne. Shirley is too logical.

Sweet or Salty: Sweet. Due to an extreme weakness for ice cream.