Video Spotlight

Mr. Grabowski is an international traveler, science fiction fan, and slight adrenaline junkie. He jumped off a cliff on his honeymoon…six times. Clients applaud his attention to detail and eye for design. He takes pleasure in color-coding his Star Trek DVD collection.

A believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he has never been one to give up easily. As a kid, he was determined to make a copy of a friend’s videotape. Without hesitation, he stuffed his mega-sized VCR into his backpack and biked on over.

It’s that same can-do attitude that motivated him to build a sewing machine (complete with a bobbin), homes for his sisters’ Barbie dolls, and a car with a working transmission…all out of LEGOs. Of course, attaining that last particular LEGO set almost landed his father in a Swiss prison. But that’s a whole other story.

Bonus random fact!

Dogs or Cats: Cats. They’re independent yet cuddly. But dogs are fine, too, as long as they’re not slobbering all over me.

What He Is NOT: A master chef. IT support. A couch potato. Averse to risky behavior. OK with using cheap pens. Willing to trade in his Merrell’s for any other shoe brand. Right-brained. Or left-brained. 

Sage Advice He's Been Given: Stop wasting time in school and get a job. — no-nonsense college professor

Laverne or Shirley: Never really watched the show. And don’t call me Shirley.

Superpower: Toss-up between kerning with my mind and being a walking WiFi hotspot.

Bert or Ernie: Ernie. He’s orange. I like orange.

Preferred Smells: Gun smoke and morning mountain air

Rock, Paper or Scissors: Scissors. It’s the option I like to run with most often.

Who Would Play Him in a Movie: Sean Connery, because he should play EVERY role out there. And it would be fun to hear him say “graphic and web deshiner” or “shee–esh–esh” (CSS).

Fave Movie: Star Trek VI. It was the first Star Trek movie I saw in the theater, and seeing it on the big screen was amazing.

What He IS: Middle-brained. Always in possession of a flashlight, pen, notebook, and pocket knife. Picky. A hacky sack enthusiast. Partial to black licorice. Fidgety. A self-taught programmer. Bothered by unnecessary spacing in typography. Secret Windows user (oops). Prone to accidents. A former aphid tracker. Able to make a dripping sound by flicking his cheek.

Hacky Sack Credentials: Started playing in junior high. Top score is over 200 hits in a row. Once played in an impromptu talent show in front of a group of Germans with a hacky sack made out of a soccer ball.