Mr. Wells is a fan of chaos in theory, but not in practice. In his free time, he builds “little bitty” computers and hangs out with his four beloved cockatiels — Moosie, Muffin, Biscuit and Tiny Moo. His years of experience in web development and computer programming make him an invaluable member of New Boston’s web team, as has his cheerful willingness to take over in-house IT responsibilities.

A multiple trophy-winning trivia champ, he sips his coffee through a straw, a habit he picked up when he began drinking the stuff in second grade.

He’s irked by Muzak and people who check their phones during movies, but his colleagues (who, for the record, would never hum along to Muzak or break the "phones during movies" rule) never know whether he's got a bone to pick with them or not; his best friend once said he could keep a poker face through a nuclear war.

He tends to agree with the statement, “Being an adult is mostly just Googling how to do stuff and feeling tired all the time.”


Bonus random fact!

Dogs or Cats: Cats. They're more dignified.

Preferred Smells: Fresh plastic. It takes him back to when he was five, opening a brand-spankin'-new Star Wars figurine.

Sage Advice He's Been Given: "Don't honk at moose." — his dad

Rock, Paper, or Scissors: "Nothing beats rock." — Bart Simpson

What He Is NOT: Awake. Self-aware. Exuberant. Extravagant. A technophobe. Afraid of learning something new. Impulsive. Known to back down from a challenge.

Fantasy Vacation: Antarctica. His sister-in-law went and it seems pretty cool.

TV Habits: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good PlaceThe Expanse, Archer, Watchmen

What He IS: Stoic. A voracious reader. Private. An introvert. In possession of a formidable vocabulary. Able to anticipate problems before they occur. Precise. A collector of dice. A Pink Floyd fan.

Bert or Ernie: Bert. Ernie seems a little chaotic.

Mountains or Ocean: Mountains. I'm not really good with bodies of water.

Favored Menu: Coffee counts, right?

Laverne or Shirley: Shirley. There's something really disconcerting about the fact that Laverne needs everything to be monogrammed.