Ms. Rains is enamored of old houses, creepy places, and staircases, particularly those of the spiral variety. Her creative vision and masterful video skills impress clients and coworkers alike. She has a knack for rapping, and can bust a rhyme with the best of ’em.

On an uncharacteristically outgoing whim, she met Mr. Rogers when she snuck up on stage at a meet-and-greet as a kid. The encounter did not leave much of an impression on her. Or Mr. Rogers, probably.

She is put off by clutter, people who turn up the TV really loud, and weird food particles that get trapped in the sink stopper. Her main hobby is not having a hobby. In another life, she could have been a professional organizer (did we mention she hates clutter?). Though she loves the smell of all books, the Harry Potter series is her favorite to sniff, as she claims they smell “magical.”

Occasionally, her dreams come true in real life. She might be a psychic. 

Bonus random fact!

What She Is NOT: A follower. Materialistic. Messy. An animal person. Tolerant of nose-blowing at the dinner table. Afraid of creepy places. An extrovert. Able to live without coffee. Prone to risky behavior.

Rock, Paper or Scissors: Scissors, because you can protect yourself…and cut things!

What She IS: A beer drinker. Wavy-haired. Mathematically challenged. A fan of crunchy/crispy snack foods. Eager to watch anything directed by Wes Anderson. Easily grossed out. A list maker. Able to quote a good deal of Austin Powers (yeah, baby, yeah!).

Fave Movie: American Beauty — it’s dark and funny and poignant and ironic. Each time I see it I find new reasons to love it.

Who Would Play Her in a Movie: People tell me I remind them of Anne Hathaway. She was awkward in The Princess Diaries, so she would probably be able to communicate the awkwardness I feel on a daily basis. Plus, she’s classy…and I like to think I’m classy.

Sage Advice She's Been Given: An Irishman in a pub once told her, "Never eat a salad."

Favored Menu: In first grade, I said my favorite food was Stove Top stuffing. I’m not too picky these days.

Bad Habits: I leave the cabinet doors open in the kitchen. I open them, get what I need, and then just walk away. My dad calls it a “cabinet habit.” I also fold the top part of my ear cartilage inside my ear when I’m nervous. I’ve done it since I was little, so I’m not sure that my ears developed properly.

Fave TV Shows: Bob’s Burgers, The Mighty BooshSeinfeld

Mountains or Ocean: Mountains. You can get away from everything, and they feel more peaceful. I’m kind of afraid of the things that might be in the ocean.

Laverne or Shirley: I can never keep them straight.

Bert or Ernie: Ernie is nicer, but Bert is a curmudgeon like me and he doesn’t put up with Ernie’s crap. I respect him for that.

Dream Vacation: I’d love to go back to Scotland. I’d sit in pubs and talk to people and drink Scotch and visit castles — just adventure.