Ms. Bryant approves of grammatical rules, dirty martinis, and touching the outside of a plane before boarding. Her wordsmithing talent and positive attitude inspire her coworkers and clients.

Her childhood pet—a three-legged turtle named Stumpy—once latched onto her hand while she was building him a sand castle. Stumpy disappeared shortly after the incident; she suspects foul play.

She has no patience for overly inventive baby names or people who prop the new roll of toilet paper on top of its holder. Until taking a linguistics class in college, she believed “weekend” to be pronounced “week-yend.” If given the opportunity, she would abandon her current life to become a free-spirited babe in a “friendly motorcycle gang.”

Despite its reputation for tainted food, she remains a loyal member of the Chipotle Mexican Grill fan club, termed the “Chi-cult-le.”

She once took a cardboard cutout of Harry Potter to prom.

And to top it all off, she has her Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification.

Bonus random fact!

Top Movie Pick: Pocahontas, because it inspired my passion for social justice at a young age.

Rock, Paper, or Scissors: Scissors is the only one I can ever think of.

TV Habits: Glee, Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, Doctor Who, Parks and Rec

Choice Movie Quote: “I like gruel.” – Wiggins, Pocahontas

Laverne or Shirley: I’m too young for this question.

Other Jobs She’d Enjoy: Producer on The Bachelor so I can manipulate people into saying what I want.

What She Is NOT: Very superstitious. Fond of birds. Math-minded. A Hagrid fan. A wallflower. Addicted to Diet Coke (anymore). Able to ride a bike.

Who Would Play Her in a Movie: Kristen Stewart, because her vibe is most like me and she runs her fingers through her hair the same way I do.

Notable Quotes: “That’s twice in two days I’ve mentioned serial killers and psychopaths. I promise I’m not one.”

Sweet or Salty: Sweet, because I have 32 sweet teeth.

Superpower of Choice: Metamorphosis, because I would like to be able to change my appearance. Maybe into Beyoncé.

What She IS: Resilient. Skilled at piano playing. The life of the party. A proud dog mom. A Wildcat and a Gamecock. A self-described nerd. Fluent in Ubbi Dubbi. A collector of elephant statues. Able to pronounce “La Croix” correctly. Obsessed with Beyoncé.

Choice Song Lyric: “Wildflowers don’t care where they grow.” – Dolly Parton, “Wildflowers”

Sage Advice She’s Been Given: “You don’t have to eat poop to know that it tastes bad." – her friends