Video Spotlight

Ms. Washburn is a cupcake-baking rockstar who delights in brass instruments. Clients and co-workers marvel at her effective use of multicolored sticky notes and willingness to take on any task thrown her way. Meanwhile, she takes pleasure in whipping up costumes and is thrilled her daughters are theatre and music nuts like she is.

Among her pet peeves are people who have the audacity to park beneath “no parking” signs. She is also averse to putting away laundry and the smell of tuna salad.

Not primarily known as “the funny one,” she refers to herself as “the comedian’s arm candy” when with her husband — making her all the more proud when she shoots off a zinger of her own.

And she's earned her AdWords Search Certification and Google Analytics Individual Qualification, because that's the kind of digital maven she is!

Bonus random fact!

Dogs or Cats: Robo hamsters

What She Is NOT: Afraid of DIY projects. A smoker. Fond of casseroles. A quick decision maker. A slow decision maker. Decisive. Opposed to a good Sousa march. Tattoo-free. A wallflower. Proficient at making right turns without a curb check.

Recent Project Pride: A DIY kitchen remodel and super-cool costumes for "The Addams Family" musical production.

Favored Menu: Kippers (especially on pizza), ribs and sauerkraut, beer-based cupcakes

Fave Movie: Mary Poppins, due to a ginormous crush on Dick Van Dyke

Sweet or Salty: Yes. Can’t have one without chasing it with the other.

Preferred Smells: Western Kansas in the summer, citrus-coconut combo

Reading Preferences: Anything NOT on Oprah’s list: “They’re about nothing but misery.”

Laverne or Shirley: Laverne. She’s twice the funny of Shirley.

Family Saying: “I wish I had that, and you had a wart on your butt.” — No-nonsense grandmother’s reply when a family members “wants” something

What She IS: Bad at finishing DIY projects. A lip biter. Miss Ness County 1991. Owner of one “The Tubadours” CD. A Muggle. Able to recite the poem “Jabberwocky” by heart. An animated storyteller. Adventurous with paint colors. A former karate instructor.