Video Spotlight

Mr. Grabowski is an international traveler, science fiction fan, and slight adrenaline junkie. He jumped off a cliff on his honeymoon…six times. Clients applaud his attention to detail and eye for design. He takes pleasure in color-coding his Star Trek DVD collection.

A believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he has never been one to give up easily. As a kid, he was determined to make a copy of a friend’s videotape. Without hesitation, he stuffed his mega-sized VCR into his backpack and biked on over.

It’s that same can-do attitude that motivated him to build a sewing machine (complete with a bobbin), homes for his sisters’ Barbie dolls, and a car with a working transmission…all out of LEGOs. Of course, attaining that last particular LEGO set almost landed his father in a Swiss prison. But that’s a whole other story.

Bonus random fact!

Preferred Smells: Gun smoke and morning mountain air

Rock, Paper or Scissors: Scissors. It’s the option I like to run with most often.

Who Would Play Him in a Movie: Sean Connery, because he should play EVERY role out there. And it would be fun to hear him say “graphic and web deshiner” or “shee–esh–esh” (CSS).

Sage Advice He's Been Given: Stop wasting time in school and get a job. — no-nonsense college professor

Superpower: Toss-up between kerning with my mind and being a walking WiFi hotspot.

Dogs or Cats: Cats. They’re independent yet cuddly. But dogs are fine, too, as long as they’re not slobbering all over me.

Laverne or Shirley: Never really watched the show. And don’t call me Shirley.

Bert or Ernie: Ernie. He’s orange. I like orange.

What He Is NOT: A master chef. IT support. A couch potato. Averse to risky behavior. OK with using cheap pens. Willing to trade in his Merrell’s for any other shoe brand. Right-brained. Or left-brained. 

Fave Movie: Star Trek VI. It was the first Star Trek movie I saw in the theater, and seeing it on the big screen was amazing.

Hacky Sack Credentials: Started playing in junior high. Top score is over 200 hits in a row. Once played in an impromptu talent show in front of a group of Germans with a hacky sack made out of a soccer ball.

What He IS: Middle-brained. Always in possession of a flashlight, pen, notebook, and pocket knife. Picky. A hacky sack enthusiast. Partial to black licorice. Fidgety. A self-taught programmer. Bothered by unnecessary spacing in typography. Secret Windows user (oops). Prone to accidents. A former aphid tracker. Able to make a dripping sound by flicking his cheek.