Why on earth is a company in Manhattan, Kansas, called New Boston Creative Group? Glad you asked. It’s a story that’s dripping with intrigue, pioneers, steamboats and scandal. All the elements of a solid History Channel special.

Sometime between the dawn of the dinosaurs and the advent of Angry Birds, three pioneer groups combined to form a small community in northeast Kansas. It was April 1855, to be exact, and they christened the town Boston.

That is, until a group of New Yorkers were passing through three months later and got their steamboat stuck on a sandbar (twice). They agreed to join forces with the Bostonians, and the town was reborn as Manhattan.

More than 150 years and 28 Neil Diamond albums later, three business-minded women in that very community launched New Boston Creative Group. Legend has it they sealed the deal with a blood oath…or friendship bracelets and a burger. It’s never been clear.

In any case, the New Boston name is about the pride we have in our community and in building something from the ground up. In the same way those pioneers came together to make a viable, vibrant town, we partner with clients to get their work noticed and expand their reach. And because our clients are established businesses, organizations and nonprofits, their success is everyone’s success. Whether healing the sick, teaching people of all ages, bettering towns, bolstering the arts, furthering research, combatting diseases, or protecting our food supply, their efforts add up to major improvements in their industries and communities.

Who knew four little words could stand for so much?