New Boston Creative Group, LLC, seeks an experienced, highly intelligent, self-motivated, willing-to-learn-anything communications specialist. Degree in English or journalism/mass communications REQUIRED. (Not good enough that your fifth-grade language arts teacher thought you were awesome — show us the credentials.) Full-time. Flexible schedule OK with us!

What We’re Looking For

  • Very high-level written and oral communication skills — sophisticated understanding of punctuation, grammar, organization. Do you know ALL the rules? More importantly, do you know when you should break them?
  • Prefer three to five years’ professional writing experience in office environment.
  • Meticulousness — “good enough” is not good enough — along with the ability to recognize when a piece is finished — overthinking is not profitable.
  • Strong knowledge of best practices in social media and website copywriting for businesses and organizations; digital marketing experience a plus.
  • Capacity to immerse yourself in new industries and synthesize your knowledge.
  • Demonstrated abilities in project management, strategic planning, collaboration with clients and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated ability to write, edit and critique others’ work without destroying their souls.
  • A high degree of autonomy.
  • Strong background in AP-style writing.
  • Tolerance for chocolate required; willingness to bring chocolate preferred.
  • Overwhelming inclination to do WAY more than the minimum.

What You’ll Do

  • Manage client projects — goals, budgets, deadlines, colleagues (good luck with that);
  • Write and edit many types of content — marketing copy, AP-style feature stories, social media posts, research reports, video and radio scripts, presentations;
  • Write and organize web content;
  • Populate websites with content;
  • Carry out social media content and digital marketing projects, for both NBCG and clients;
  • Work closely with principals, directors of operations and web development, designers, web developers;
  • And whatever else we may throw at you. Juggling will come in handy. Very handy.

What You’ll Get

In addition to a competitive salary, you'll receive paid time off; an awesome work environment; a flexible schedule; supportive yet sarcastic colleagues; a retirement plan; paid holidays; a whole lot of appreciation; beer; Skittles; variety; gnome pants if you’re very, very good; chance to go as far as you want depending on your smarts, work ethic and ability to play well with others.

We have very high standards. The successful candidate will show us what he or she can offer to the rest of the team. Prove you’ll take good care of our clients and mesh well with our awesome team. If you want to join our merry band, show us what you’ve got!

MAIL your resume, cover letter, and three to five professional references to:
Kristin Brighton
New Boston Creative Group, LLC
315 Houston Street, Suite E
Manhattan, KS, 66502. 

We want to see plenty of samples, too. Include print samples with your application, or a link in your resume to online samples, or both. Explain which ones you wrote, which ones you edited, and give us a little background on the project. (Hint: The ability to follow directions is a prized quality here.)

Questions? Call Lisa, Kristin or Susan, 785-587-8185, or email

DEADLINE: December 1